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GlobalDiagnostiX makes radiology more accessible in disadvantaged countries

Despite the fact that this X-ray equipment project is still in the prototype stage, it is very promising for “southern,” so-called disadvantaged countries. Resistant to power cuts and fluctuations, to the damage caused by dust, heat and humidity, it is ten times cheaper than an equivalent medical device installed in a country clinic that can afford it.

Developed jointly by Switzerland and Cameroon, GlobalDiagnostiX will be implemented in the coming months on the ground. A training program for medical personnel in that African country will also be developed. One thing is certain, it will be necessary for this device to be easy to use. In fact, while major cities have specialized radiology staff, this is much less common in rural areas.

Thus, the frame of this technology is fully mechanical and there is no image to be developed on paper: everything to facilitate accessibility and frequent use!


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